Lisa loves to make fun of the high-waisted skirts and pants and dark lipstick I frequently wear. Hmm, I wonder where that influence came from?

Today is Mother’s Day. It’s actually the 23rd mother’s day I have been alive for if you don’t count my time in utero. That seems kind of crazy to me, that of all the days I’ve been alive, there have only been 23 days solely dedicated to thanking my mother for being my mother.

My mom’s name is Lisa, and she is truly one of a kind. We’ve had our differences, and we still do – but one thing has remained steadfast throughout the time I’ve known my mom, and been able to call her MY Mom – that she makes me a better person each and every single day. She pushes me as hard as she possibly can to try harder, to dream bigger, and to do better.

The greatest lesson she ever taught me was that I needed to fight my own battles, and stand up for myself. I’m still learning all of the lessons she passed on. We’re both so stubborn that sometimes I’ll pretend she doesn’t know best. But then I’ll have moments when something happens and I say, “Goddammit. She was right.” Isn’t that what a mom is for, though? To guide you and love you and tell you how to do anything and everything, because she’s done it before and probably done it better?

I don’t have much else to say other than that she is truly amazing. She is sassy, full of wit, kind, generous, and one hell of a mom.

Thanks for being you, Lisa. I adore you.


My mother is a walking miracle. 

Leonardo DiCaprio


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