Endless Live Shows from Dead Rock Idols

John McCauley of the band Deer Tick.
Photo copyright: Laura Brown, americansongwriter.com

I haven’t been able to post in the past week, and I feel bad about that. It was a hectic week with school and work, and I had friends visiting this weekend, which was absolutely wonderful. I can brush more on that kind of stuff later.

As I talked about before, I’ve been watching WAY too much Sons of Anarchy lately (which I’m actually not that mad about, because it’s SO, so good). Besides it being just a really well-done show with some hot actors (Charlie Hunnam UNF.), the music on SoA is really good too. A lot of old classic rock songs, some metal thrown in (it is about a biker gang), and southern rock, including stuff like Creedence covers.  In one of the episodes, there was a cover of Girl From The North Country, the Bob Dylan song, which just reminded me how absolutely PHENOMENAL the Dylan and Johnny Cash version is of this song. I mean, who doesn’t like Dylan and Cash? Unreal.

Religion is a touchy subject, but songs like this remind me of how I always like to daydream like whatever the afterlife is, my version is just an endless music festival, with continuous concerts from my favorite musicians I never had the opportunity to see live. I’m talking The Beatles, Hendrix, Cash, Kurt Cobain, all of it. So many more. I truly believe that live music is a form of religion to me – I am not sure I feel as passionate about anything or as connected to humanity as I do when I’m at a live show. The amount of happiness I get from seeing my favorite artists live is absolutely incredible, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about concerts much, more more on here.

I’ll end with a quote from the lead singer one of my long-time favorite bands, Kings of Leon. (It’s okay that they sold out, their music is still kind of brilliant. Forever a Kings fan.) The band was raised in a highly religious household, and their father was a traveling minister. The quote reads:

If my younger self could see me now, he’d think I was going to hell in a handbasket. But I still consider myself a spiritual person. To some people, music is their religion. Going to a concert gives them a high like a Christian going to a revival. Anything that awakens that feeling inside that you are part of something bigger – whatever that is – that’s good enough. 

More posts will come this week, I promise!

All my love,



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