First… Post (It’s Happening!)


I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a long while now. Maybe it’s just because a lot of the time, I feel like I have a lot to say, or I just think I’m really funny and maybe I’d enjoy like, seeing my words on a blog. I wanted to start one while I studied abroad in London, but I just didn’t get around to putting in the effort that I knew I’d want to put into a study abroad blog. When it comes to things I really love, I’m a huge perfectionist. This is why my iTunes library is organized like a neurotic music critic’s.

But, I just really love to write is what it comes down to. And I think that, regardless of if this blog goes anywhere or people even read this (Mom?) I think this would be such an amazing way to document this time of my life, and remember not only what I was doing, but how I was feeling. I’ve been having this suspicion lately that I’m at a very important time of my life, like I’m on the brink of something really wonderful happening. So it’s probably best to organize my thoughts in a productive, and somewhat entertaining way. Right?

Right now, I’m in my senior year at the University of Minnesota. Psychology is my major, as I have a huge passion for mental health, and recently, I added a minor in Youth Studies, which is actually changing my mind and my world, and I love it. College has been such a whirlwind experience for me – I’ve had some of the best times, and worst times, of my life in the past four years. But, that’s what being young is about, right? Over the past year however, I feel like I have really started to become the person I want to be. I am more independent, outgoing, and most importantly, happier, than I’ve ever been before. I’m a romantic in every meaning of the word. I romanticize life, love, and the relationships I have with others. I’m been such an optimist lately, but life feels like such a gift and such a ride right now, and I am so anxious to just continue to soak everything in as I finish up college and start exploring more of myself and the world.

One of the other reasons I’ve always wanted to blog is because there are SO many cool blogs written by powerful, diva, wonder-women who are just the coolest. One of these women, whom I just can’t even handle, is Rachael “Steak” Finley. Her blog is, and she also does a guest blog on Nasty Gal. She’s one of the most badass, funny, and inspiring women and I stalk/admire from afar on every social media platform. (Her insta and twitter also are real gems.) She is a prime example of  someone who’s down-to-earth, fashionable and so trendy. Plus she’s beautiful, has a pet iguana, and is married to Blake Anderson from Workaholics. Umm, best.

The lovely Katie Ryan, whom I know from high school and mutual friends, is a beautiful and amazingly talented fashion illustrator who runs her own blog here has been such an inspiration to me lately – she’s following her dreams and pursuing a passion that she truly loves, and I think that’s one of the most valuable things you can do with your life. Anyway, reading her blog, I came across this post and thought it would be a good way to introduce you to where I’m at lately.

Making: the people I love know that they’re important.
Cooking: I need to go get groceries.
Drinking: So much coffee and so much tea. Need. Caffeine.
Reading: I just received my book of Essential Rumi Poems in the mail and am so excited to start it. Also, been meaning to finish the first Game of Thrones book forever. Also, The Paris Wife.
Wanting: Everyone in my life to be happy and healthy.
Looking: I’ve been trying to notice the little things lately; appreciate the simple moments.
Playing: The new Kings of Leon album and the new Deer Tick album. Two of my favorite bands, albums released on the same day. They’re both so genius.
Wasting: time watching Sons of Anarchy. My latest obsession. (Jax Teller, marry me.)
Pinning: I really don’t pin that much… (Is that something a blogger can never say?)
Wishing: I could fall asleep because my body is so exhausted. But my mind is so awake.
Enjoying: life.
Waiting: for the birthdays of two of my best friends and less work this weekend! Yay!
Liking: How passionate and open I’ve been feeling lately.
Wondering: how long it’s going to take me to break in the new Docs I just bought. Is it really that awful? Why is the internet such a downer sometimes. Who has wool socks for me?
Loving: Oversized sweaters wah. I used to hate tight tops and all I wore was flowy shirts of all kinds. I am so glad that big, comfy sweaters are on point this fall because they are just the best. 
Hoping: Mother Nature can just say she’s sorry that she acted up this past winter and as a gift of forgiveness let fall just come already.
Marvelling: over man-buns. Literally. U of M man-bun population, please come out and play. I’ve been waiting to make one of you the love of my life. (I’ve always had a thing for guys with long hair, and I’m not sorry.)
Needing: to go deposit money at the bank tomorrow. I also need to start setting aside more in my savings (Moms really do know best!)
Wearing: jeans and combat boots and neutral colors. Black, always so much black. Black is the New Black.
Following: so many funny people on Twitter. My new favorite diva is Jenny Mollen.
Noticing: How much more I’ve been willing to take risks lately. In fashion, in life, in relationships. I love it.
Knowing: that empathy is the key to life. It’s so important to remember that others make mistakes and cause pain and hurt because of certain circumstances you may never be aware of. Forgiveness is so important. (As well as self-forgiveness!)
Thinking: about where my best friend and I want to go teach abroad and how we have to get going on planning all of it.
Bookmarking: new blogs I love and new clothes I want and new articles I think are interesting and new ideas I want to try and there’s just so much knowledge on the internet I am a kid in the candy store.
Opening: my mind to the idea of acceptance in all aspects of my life lately. And it’s been helping so greatly.
Giggling: at the fact I ate a chocolate bar in my bed this morning. It was a Wispa from London. (Megan I love you.)
Feeling: so incredibly lucky – for my family, my friends, this education I’m receiving, my wonderful (and FUN) job, the list goes on and on.

Well, I need to watch SoA and get to sleep because tomorrow will be a long day.

All my love,



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